Donating to KCDC

At KCDC we try to make access to care and therapy as affordable as possible for families and carers, who often struggle with the additional financial burden of looking after a child with disabilities or special needs.   And just like the children who depend on our support, we depend on the support of donors, sponsors and well-wishers to meet our diverse running costs, including  rent, wages, transport and equipment.


Any help we receive is therefore gratefully received, whether it is financial support for us, volunteering to help at our centre, or sponsoring a child who might not otherwise afford the full care he or she needs.


We are also in need of equipment, much of which we will have made locally, employing local tradesmen. The cost of this equipment varies depending on materials but includes rocker boards, parallel bars, standing frames, walkers, canes and crutches.


Donate via PayPal or JustGiving

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Donate with JustGiving

GBP 20 - EUR 25 - USD 30

will pay for a CP chair

or a pair of foot splints

GBP 30 - EUR 40 - USD 45

will pay for 1 assessment or for 1 follow up session at the centre or at home.

GBP 100 - EUR 140 - USD 150

will pay for a locally made wheelchair

or contact us if you can help in other ways