Uganda NGO: S5914/11444 Reg 11031 - England and Wales: Charity 1164706

This is an exciting and innovative project, led by Bead for Life Organisation, that aims to create sustainable opportunities for women to lift their families out of poverty. They partner with organisations and smart but impoverished women to help them get the skills and confidence they need to become successful entrepreneurs.


Street Business School provides practical, relevant and hands on business training through a train the trainer immersion workshop, which is then shared over a 6-month period to other women to help start their own small businesses.


KCDC has 2 street business coaches, Moreen and Jackline, whose children are beneficiaries of KCDC’s therapy services and they are currently running their first cohort of 20 women, all mothers of children with disabilities and they are due to graduate in April 2018, when a 2nd cohort will be recruited.